Clinical & Care Personel

Our facility caters for the varying needs of the aging community offering:
  • Low Care
  • High Care
  • Respite Care
  • Palliative Care - focusing on resident’s daily living needs, comfort, monitoring of medical conditions, medication, pain management, emotional / religious needs, etc.
    Dementia/Alzheimer Care - focusing on resident’s daily living needs, medication, monitoring of medical conditions, diversional therapy / activities, emotional / religious needs, etc.

For residents whom require more clinical care we offer:

  • Ryle’s Tube / PEG Feeding.
  • Tracheastomy management with / without oxygen supply.
  • Urinary Catheter & Bag.
  • Wound Care management for bed sores / diabetic wound & post operation wound.
  • Post Stroke / CVA
  • Post Surgical Care for all types of Operations.
  • Post Hospital Care for Trauma / Motor Vehicle Accidents (Comatose state).
  • Blood Pressure / Blood Sugar monitoring / documtentation.
  • Documentation of fluid intake / output, Bowel movement, Temperature monitoring, Blood test, Pressure area monitoring and treatment, etc.
  • Physiotherapy & Passive exercises.
  • Organise Activities to boost mental health, well being & health of resident.

Our qualified nurses, helpful and multilingual staff will be available to ensure that the comfort and lifestyles of residents are enriched by meeting their individual needs.

  • 24 hour Care services Trained Registered Staff Nurses
  • Well qualified Director of Nursing
  • Registered and enrolled nurses
  • Trained Carers
  • Regular and on-call medical doctors
  • Availability of podiatry, physiotherapy, diversional therapy and other allied health services on needs basis
  • Pharmaceutical and personal needs catered for

Additionally, each resident and their families will have access to information, education and advice regarding the aging process to assist in their planning and decisions.