• Our Vision & Mission

To be a compassionate, innovative and socially responsible leader in the provision of Aged Care Services to the multicultural communities both nationally and internationally.


To deliver quality and compassionate caring services based on Australian concepts and Confucianist values to the communities we serve.

Our Core Values

Compassion & Joyfulness


Jeta Care’s philosophy is simple; the elderly, whom we regard as family members, come first. Our purpose is to continuously take care of and to enrich the lives of the elderly in a dignified, compassionate and joyful manner.

Apart from ensuring clinical care, we do so in a non-invasive manner. Jeta Care is designed and operated more on the hospitality concept rather than clinical, thus ensuring an environment that residents can truly embrace as their home. In accordance with the Confucianist values, staff will be nurtured to treat all residents like extended family members, thus providing the best in care service. In doing so, we truly provide aged care with a difference.

Mr. Tan Choe Lam, Founder & Managing Director
(Jeta Gardens & Jeta Global Australia & Jeta Care Malaysia)

A Business Ambassador of Logan City (Australia) Entrepreneur, Industrial Engineer and former Member of Queensland Seniors Council, Mr. Choe Lam Tan found his passion in aged care after his father suffered a stroke in 1981, sowing the seed that would later sprout into the developments of the first culturally apt aged care & retirement resorts in Australia and Malaysia, and shortly in other parts of Asia Pacific Region.

As Founder and Managing Director of the two functioning facilities in Australia and Malaysia, he is well equipped with hands-on experience from research/design/funding/construct/ management & operation of aged care facilities and retirement resorts. His passion and in-depth knowledge on ageing issues of seniors, particularly those with Asian heritage will be educational & beneficial to the Asian communities and the wider communities in general.

His success in the creation of JETA’s “4H” model in the design and operation of seniors living resorts had delivered a product that was embraceable by Asian and western seniors alike. It is now a highly regarded innovative model within the industry and had also won him many prestigious awards internationally.

Mr. Jack Tan – Co-Founder & Director, Jeta Care Sdn Bhd

Co-founding Malaysia’s first aged care center, based on Australian concepts, Confucianist Values and having worked extensively in the Aged Care industry in Australia, Mr. Jack Tan brings a unique knowledge and perspective to this industry in Asia. With a background in Industrial Design and a Master of International Business at The University of Melbourne, Mr. Jack Tan is equipped with the necessary skills to develop and operate aged care facilities in different countries.

Inspired by his father’s passion for the elderly, Jack Tan and his father decided to expand the vision of delivering compassion, joy and quality of life for Asia’s ageing population with Jeta Care; a residential aged care facility that supports all levels of care and lifestyle to the lives of the elderly in a dignified, compassionate and joyful manner.


Let us ease and shoulder the burden, let us be your extended family. What we offer is a new environment, one which can offer a better quality of life, 24 hour care and a community of like-minded individuals for you to share your twilight years; all in a wonderful environment. We want to open your life style and provide complete peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones, so that you may truly enjoy and reap the benefits of all your hard work.

Ministry of Health Malaysia approved

Jeta Care Centre is an Approved Aged Care Facility by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. Jeta Care incorporates a self-imposed standard in design and operation adapted from Australian concepts to ensure the highest quality of care to the residents.

Ageing In Place

Jeta Care offers both low-level care and high-level care services and facilities for residents; eliminating the hassle and problems related with relocation when their health needs change.

Low-Level Care

Low-level care is for people who need some help, but do not have very complex ongoing care needs. It includes services such as meals, laundry, room cleaning as well as additional help with personal care, nursing care provided whenever necessary.

High-Level Care

High-Level Care is for people who need almost complete assistance with most daily living activities. It includes accommodation services such as meals, laundry and room cleaning, as well as personal care. Clinical needs are managed by our well trained Carers & qualified Registered Staff Nurses.